The week in audio: Death at Deepcut; The Disappearance of Shergar; Adults, Almost – review

By: Miranda Sawyer Sunday 13 June 2021

A fresh look at the notorious deaths at the army camp uncovered new details; the sad story of Shergar; and the hopes of lockdown teens

Death at Deepcut | Audible Originals
The Disappearance of Shergar the Super Horse | BBC Sounds
Adults, Almost (Radio 4) | BBC Sounds

Here are two investigative podcast series about past crimes. (Yes, I know. Bear with.) In the first, Death at Deepcut, a deeply serious piece of work, journalist Jane MacSorley and retired detective Colin Sutton unpick the notorious deaths at Deepcut’s army training base between 1995 and 2002. Privates Sean Benton, Cheryl James, Geoff Gray and James Collinson all died of gunshot wounds on separate occasions.

A show about Vanilla Ice, presented by Shergar, would make just as much sense

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