Jake - Wednesday morning

May 11, 2011

Jake continued to progress well yesterday.  By late afternoon he was having longer wake periods and lucid conversation. 

By evening an influx of visitors saw him almost back to his old self.  He was alert for two hours, however, his excitement and the activity left him exhausted.  He slept well all night.

Doctors have visited this morning and are happy with his progress however they are stressing the need for quiet as his brain repairs itself.  His left side motor functions are a little weaker and slower than his right.  They will be taking more tests today.

We have appreciated everyones support and concern and sincerely thank everyone.

PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THE DOCTORS HAVE ADVISED NO VISITORS TODAY.  Please contact Des O'Keefe to arrange a visit in the near future on 0412 544 155.  Please do not go to the hospital without checking first.