Jake - Rehab assessment

May 19, 2011

Jake is now settling in at Epworth Rehab Camberwell as is still being assessed in the ABI (acquired brain injury) unit.

Progress has plateaued at the moment.  His PTA scores (post traumatic amnesia) are very good.  He can now physically support himself when standing but walking is still very slow with a left side weakness.  His left grip is also minimal and his motor skills need improvement.

He is undergoing further testing today for higher cognitive brain function and by tomorrow we expect to see a schedule and assessment for rehab.  It is looking like he will be may be moved on Monday into a normal ward where he will then start his rehab program.

Until then visitors are still restricted in the ABI ward so please continue to check with Des O'Keefe on 0412 544 155 before you visit.  

Please also keep phone calls and  text messages to a minimum as Jake needs to rest.

Visitors lift Jake's spirit enormously but also tire him out so one or two a day is the recommendation.  Visiting hours are between 4pm and 8pm.