Jake Noonan - Moved to General Ward

May 25, 2011

Good news day - Jake has finally been shifted from the ABI unit to the general ward - bed 36.

After experiencing a tough day yesterday with Jake, understandably, being down over his prolonged stay in hospital, it was good to receive the news which signifies a day closer to getting him home.

I found it tough to watch him struggle with his plight considering this is a kid who is normally positive and confident.  You rarely see him down but the doctors assure us this is all part of the healing process, for not only Jake but us as well.  So today is definitely a step forward.

For those who wish to visit Jake now that he has been released to the general ward visiting hours are -

Mon to Fri - 4pm to 8pm and Sat & Sun - 3pm to 8pm

It is advised that your visit be of a short nature and ideally only two people at a time so as not to tire Jake and over stimulate his brain.

Thanks     Tony, Gabe and family.