Greendale Trees

Aug 03, 2011

It’s all happening at our Mornington stable – Greendale.

After accessing that the risk was becoming just too great that a tree would fall on another car – one had already fallen on Tonys last year – or worse still a horse, staff member, family member or visitor, the big decision to remove all the pine trees surrounding our horse yards at the front our Greendale was made.

Works commenced on Monday last week and the demolition has progressed steadily with all the yards being dismantled and today the last of the pine trees being lopped. The whole area will be cleaned up with the removal of the large logs to the sawmill later this week and stump grinding almost complete. The area now looks much bigger as an open space and we have been very lucky that the rain has been minimal during the works which will help with the recovery of the grass area. Tony is seeking counselling to cope with the whole ordeal and was seen hugging the last tree prior to it being removed.

The result will see a refurbishment of a the middle section of yards and sixteen brand new yards with shelters being built to shade/protect horses in hot weather. New trees will be planted as soon as the ground allows.

With spring not far away the whole area should look fantastic by the time of the famous “After Derby Barbie” and we look forward to showing everyone on Sunday 30 October after the races at Mornington.