May 06, 2013

Day 1

The day started at 5am. I had packed the night before and thanks to Jen Duffy's super organisation skills all of Eddie's (Zevada) gear from bridals to ice boots and yes even his bag of carrots were packed nice and neatly ready to go. I ran a quick double check of the gear and grabbed his colours and papers while Mary Mallyon got him prepped and ready for the big travel ahead. As usual Eddie in his calm & relaxed nature wasn't phased by getting on the truck for the next adventure (as if he knew where exactly he as going) and we drove out of Greendale stables right on 6.o'clock.

I was stuck in between Mick Robins and the truck driver; both had plenty of stories, advice and words of wisdom to pass onto me for the first 6 hours and then I had to ask for a lunch break. As I got back to the truck after lunch I checked up on Eddie. Not a problem in sight, only a non impressed look on his face that said he wasn't happy with me taking that extra 5 mins to go back and get a cookie. I shut him up by giving him his carrots and we set off again. By the time 5pm rolled around we decided we would end the 1st leg in Narellan, NSW. Eddie got off the truck and didn't have a drop of sweat on him. He was bright eyed and quite happy and relaxed. You honestly couldn't of asked for him to travel better. I gave him a good walk around Yarraman stables where he was spending the night and gave him a well deserved pick of grass. As soon as he got into his box for the night he was straight into his feed and drank plenty of water. Already re-fuelling for tomorrow. I left him there at at the stables round 7pm as he was in good hands. Mick and I then headed to the local pub for a feed, couple of beers and I guess to watch the NRL(still don't understand why they think it's better then AFL). It was then straight to bed for an early rise that was fast approaching.

Day 2.

Eddie ate up all his feed considering the long trip and looked well rested when I came to get him in the morning. We got him ready for the trip again and left the stables round 5am to beat the traffic and start the final leg to the Gold Coast. Again I sat in the back with Eddie and kept an eye on him. With only a few roadworks and a stop for lunch we made good time arriving at the Gold Coast stables at 4pm. Eddie had sweated a little due to the change of temperature, so it was a quick wash to cool him off, a good walk and a pick of fresh grass and then into his box for the night. Before I left him to rest up I checked his temperature which due to a big trip can increase quite a bit but it was good to see it was normal. His joints and legs looked fine, but I still decided to wrap them up which is what Jen Duffy informed me she does every night just to be sure. the old boy was quick to get stuck into his feed and his carrots before bed. Mick and I then had a quick bite for dinner and Mick staying for a couple of beers and me meeting up with a couple of old local friends. Was a good first day, and I'm looking forward to working in the warner weather all week.