Jun 08, 2010

It was a wonderful to open the account for the Perth stable with a win yesterday at Northam, It was LORDSEA who took the honors. He won by a narrow margin but was a great way to break his maiden status.

Congratulations go to Nick Cox our Assistant Trainer in WA and his team in Perth. The stable has been up and running in Perth for a few months and it was great to the win.

LORDSEA had raced in Victoria and whilst getting placings he was unable to secure the win. He kept that win until he got to the west where the majority of his owners are based.

We hope that there is plenty more winners to come for LORDSEA and that the stable continues to grow and thrive.

Congratulations to his owners John Sumner, Gary Johnson, Michael Wright, Dean Capelli, Ian Oldfield, Ian Hodgkinson, Jose Monterrubio, John Parkinson, Des Sheedy and Alex Forcke. We thank you for your continued support of the Perth stable and we look forward to plenty more winners!