Jan 27, 2011

As some people would be aware, Jill Murphy is finishing on Friday as our Racing Manager here at Greendale. Jill has been with us for two and a half years now and she is heading back to her home town in Sydney with her family as she has made the decision that she is going to go back to studies and look at starting a Sports Psychology degree. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate her for the tremendous work she has done for the stable, the energy, the friendliness and the enthusiasm which she has shown towards her job, to our clients and to everyone at the stable. I really appreciate the contribution she has made to the improvement in our stable, I think our levels of communication have definitely improved with her work and I think she has added a very friendly and welcoming touch to everyone who has come in contact with our stable. We will definitely miss her, we wish her all the best with her studies and her future life in Sydney and once again thank her for the great contribution she has made to Greendale and the success we have had with her here.

Tony Noonan