Jake returns to work

Jul 15, 2011

It is great to be back home after recovering from the injuries and setbacks I’ve had from the fall I had 2 months ago. I’m doing really well at the moment. Both physically and mentally I couldn’t be happier with how I am and the progress I have made in the period of time from the accident. I still see a physio every 2 weeks or so and have doctors appointments to check up on my health and progress. So far I have not had a bad report. I was given a clearance to begin ground duties at the stable mid June. It was a great feeling to be back with all the staff and mates I have at work and at the races, and importantly to be working and interacting with the horses. I’ve been going to most meetings dad has runners at especially since he’s been away. I’ve taken on board some training aspects and lived the role of a trainer. We have had some success while he has been away so I’ve considered my career options on returning. Not as easy as it looks though so I think ill stick to sitting on top of them at this stage. Which lucky enough I was granted the medical clearance to begin all trackwork duties and work other then race day riding. I was thrilled to know that all the hard work I had put in had shown in my progress and results and put me one step closer of reaching that goal of returning to races within the start of the new season.
With the time off I decided to go on holiday to Thailand with family friends I’ve known all my life. I stayed with my brother and friends at Karon beach in Phuket. It was a great spot and wasn’t to crowded by tourist so it was a good opportunity to soak up the sun and get some colour on the skin that I’ve never had before. I had a great time with all the friends over our stay even without getting any sign of a tan. We visited a monkey farm, rode elephants, went white water rafting, motor bike riding, bargain shopping in Patong markets and stayed 2 days at phi island were we went on a cruise around the island, snorkeled, cliff jumped into the water and enjoyed the atmosphere and good weather it had to offer. There wasn’t a dull moment. We went out to dinner most nights into local areas and restaurants and ventured out a couple of nights fro a bit of fun. We stayed for 12 days and towards the end I was looking forward to getting home and getting stuck back into work after enjoying a little holiday I had deserved after a long year of work and rough time I had encountered of late this season.
It was all smiles on returning home on 13th. Besides the long stop over between flights I felt fresh in every way. I had been keeping quiet fit before and during my holiday and had started to regain my strength in order to loose the weight I had gained and get back in the saddle. I rode work the next morning on the 14th of July. It was my first morning back at trackwork. I can’t explain the feeling I had when being legged on and trotting of onto the track to work along side our other recovering injured worker Lisa. It was overwhelming. I hadn’t been this happy within myself in some time from the fall. And the best part was I stayed on the entire time. Ha-ha. I felt balanced and in rhythm on the horse and had no concerns at all and felt I was riding the same as I was before the fall. So all is coming along nicely at this point. Glad to be home riding again and working around the stables with my all my friends and family which they practically are now to me. I Hope everything stays on track and continues to roll along as a good as it has towards my return to the saddle on race day. Thank you to everyone for you support and thoughts throughout my time in hospital and recovering.