Aug 03, 2012

The following words are written by Tom Noonan.

Daniel Schmitt is slowly on the mend.
After a horrible incident last week at Cranbourne races, it was sad to see one of our own Jock’s get hurt. Unfortunately some say its all just part of the job and shrug it off. But we don’t seem to realize, or sometimes forget just how dangerous a life as a Jockey can be. We often have to be reminded.

The amount of danger these men and women put them selves through to ride at 4am (track work) till sometimes 5pm (Races), and then wake up the next day and to do it all again, is in my eyes; amazing. As an older brother, I’ll never forget Jake's fall, as a close family friend I’ll never forget the “heartache” of watching Katie Mallyon’s fall, and as a mate I won’t just forget Daniel Schmitt getting terribly hurt.

But being a part of the Industry I know & understand that these people; friends, any many others brave fear and danger everyday because of their love of racing, and the love of their horses; and can never easily think of walking away. Racing and the love of horses are in their blood. And that’s something you can’t ignore and just get rid of and something we should all remember to appreciate.