Jan 29, 2013

Congratulations to our new Apprentice Dylan Caboche who has started his 1st year jockey apprenticeship. Dylan has been working for the TNR team for some time now and we couldn't be more happier for him to get accepted into the school.
We spent a couple minutes with Dylan after he had finished work. 

Dylan congratulations on being accepted into apprentice school, I know it has been a goal for you since you started here, but for those who don't know can you tell us how your interest in the industry started.

"Thanks Tom, It feels great to finally say I am an apprentice jockey. I guess it all started when I was young. Since my dad was a horse trainer I was always going to the track in the mornings to watch them work. I was constantly surrounded by the horses and friends in the Industry and as I begun to help dad out my love for the horses just grew, I think it was just a natural fit."

Its funny how often it starts that way with a lot of people, quite often it's an uncle that was a jockey, or a grandfather who was a bookie that  sparks the enjoyment horses and the racing industry brings us.
Have you always wanted to be a jockey?‚Äč

"Not always, but as I got more involved with the horses the idea of it grew on me. When I started with Tony I was still going through VCE, and my horsemanship just progressed to the point of where I could start riding track-work. And then watching Jake Noonan not only finishing his VCE at school but constantly working hard at his jockey career, I knew I wanted to do the same, I wanted to become a jockey. Jake was a pretty big influence."

Well then that leads me to the next question, who's your favourite Jock going around at the moment?

"Haha well other than Jake, it would have to be Michael Rod"

And who would be your favourite all time horse?

"It would have to be Black Caviar, I had always herd of stories about special horses captivating people like that, but to actually get to witness it with her was something special."

Spot on, who would you say would be your favourite in the stables right now?

"No question about it, Pebbles (Sussuro) will always be my favourite."

She's got to be you and Jakes favourite. Whats a dream goal or race that you'd like to achieve?

"Of course every Jock strives to win a group 1 and dreams of winning a Melbourne Cup, I'm the same. But winning the Mornington Cup one day, on my home track, in my home town and in front of my family and friends and all the people that have backed me from the start, sounds like the ultimate dream."

Dylan if you keep working hard mate theres no reason why you couldn't do it. Thanks for having a little chat with me, and we wish you the best possible start to your career.

Words by Tom Noonan