Facilities - Greendale

Our Greendale Training complex is very impressive and comprises a 5-acre property situated 3 kilometres from the town centre of Mornington and 300 metres from Mornington Racecourse. Facilities are equal to the very best available in Victoria and include the following:

  • Individual Day Yards allowing horses to spend the day out in the open air and be stabled at night.
  • Horse Walker.
  • Horse Treadmill (excellent for horses with leg and back problems).
  • Large Horse Swimming Pool (again excellent for horses with injuries and provides training program variety).
  • Access to nearby Balnarring beach, where horses can wade or work in the salt water.

Boxes – are of different sizes and situated in several locations on the property to cater for individual needs. The boxes are open so horses are in constant view of others and airy to reduce illnesses.

Day yards – weather permitting all horses are turned out into yards for the day allowing them to relax and get some fresh air before being returned to their boxes at night. We find that this helps them to adapt to training much better than if they were stabled for 23 hours of the day.

Mornington Racecourse is only 600m away and horses will do the majority of their work here. The tracks available to us are of the best available to any trainer within the state. Five million dollars has recently been spent on the development of a new synthetic and grass track, all keeping the important gradient which makes Mornington unique in its ability to offer “uphill” work which certainly helps improve fitness and reduces the likelihood of injury.

Horse Walker – all horses are warmed up on the walker before their work and cooled down after work and may also be walked in the afternoons in the event that they cannot get out into the yards.

Horse Treadmill – this is used regularly for horses having a “quiet” day or for horses with back or leg problems.

Swimming Pool – excellent for horses with leg injuries and as a fitness aid. We also have access to the swimming pool at Mornington racecourse.

Horse Float – we have a six-horse truck that may be used to transport either to races, beach, paddock etc.

External Facilities

We have a number of external service providers offering us facilities that we do not have at Greendale:

Beach training – although we take the horses to the beach regularly for horses with certain requirements daily beach training is a real benefit.

Water Walker – horses that have suffered leg injuries eg. shin soreness, joint problems, may benefit from a few weeks at the water walker to gain a high level of fitness without having to go to the track everyday.