Social Syndicates


If you thought that buying a ticket in a Cup Sweep might be as close as you would ever get to racing your own horse, then we are delighted to introduce you to Tony Noonan Racing Social Syndicates, a unique way of providing you and your community, business or social group with the opportunity to race a well bred racehorse together for as little as $20 a month per person and with no upfront costs.

For many, racehorse ownership is seen as likely beyond their reach financially, with a small ownership share in a fashionably bred racing prospect often carrying an entry cost of many thousands of dollars, not to mention the ongoing expenses of your horses training and upkeep.

Through Tony Noonan Racing Social Syndicates anyone can now have the opportunity to become involved in the excitement of racing a horse with friends. They make racing a horse affordable to everybody.


From time to time, breeders have young horses that they may want to retain long term for breeding but do not wish to incur the expense of funding the horse’s racing career. In that case they may seek to lease the horse out for its racing career rather than sell it outright.

Over 30 years of training horses at the highest level, Tony Noonan has built a substantial network of relationships with many of Australia’s most successful breeders, giving him access to many of these potentially exciting racing prospects.

Tony assesses available horses according to his strict selection guidelines on pedigree, conformation, physical type, action etc, and then selects horses for the Social Syndicates that he believes give him and you the best chance of racetrack success.

By leasing the horse rather than purchasing it, owners avoid upfront costs. The stable then charges a fixed price monthly fee for the training of your horse based on our average cost of training. This gives you and your Syndicate members certainty from Day 1 around your ongoing costs.

And when your horse is racing each owner enjoys full owners privileges at the track.


Anyone can be a part of Social Syndicates, although our Syndicate Members currently consist primarily of groups from Retirement Communities, Sporting Clubs and Workplaces, looking to connect through a shared social and entertainment interest.

Individual Syndicates can consist of any number of people up to a maximum of 20 people, and we try to aim for up to 10 Syndicates sharing in each of our Social Syndicate horses. Through a combination of leasing and sharing the load across a wider group of owners, each individual's costs can be kept to as low as the cost of a cup of coffee and a Tim Tam per week!

And if you are alone or part of a smaller group, don't be concerned as we can often connect you with other likeminded people or existing groups to become part of a Syndicate.

Since TNR’s first Social Syndicate Horse commenced racing five years ago, many hundreds of first time owners have enjoyed the thrill and camaraderie of joining into a Social Syndicate with friends or community members and heading trackside to cheer home a horse they can collectively call their own.

Many of these people had never previously been interested in being involved in horse racing, others had long been interested but had perhaps thought they couldn't afford it.

And at Tony Noonan Racing, we pride ourselves on making even the smallest stakeholder feel a part of the stable with frequent horse updates, a team member dedicated to managing our Social Syndicate horses and members (John Mathieson), opportunities to meet your pride and joy, and stable social functions (Covid permitting of course!). And of course being involved in winners like Annarbor and the highly promising Dazzling Lucy doesn't hurt either, which is why many of our Social Syndicate groups keep coming back!


For more information about how to form your own Social Syndicate or about currently available Social Syndicate horses, please call Social Syndicate Manager John Mathieson on 0413 271235 or email him at .

Or feel free to check out our Social Syndicate brochure which details all there is to know about TNR’s social syndicates. You can view online by clicking here.

And don't worry if you or your club or community have never previously been involved in racing – we are here to assist you every step of the way from first contact until the day your horse’s career is done.


Tony loves getting out and about and sharing his fascinating journey in racing with Communities and Clubs. After over 30 years training his passion for racing and his owners is undiminished. And if you want to learn more about how to get involved in our Social Syndicates, John is always happy to come and meet with you too. 


Tony, as always, will be keeping his eyes peeled for new Social Syndicate opportunities which often arise in and around the yearling sales season. So if you would like to get involved or learn more, or even add to your involvement, now is a great time to register your interest and we will make sure we keep you in touch with any new opportunities that come up.

Contact John on 0413 271235 or at



Jake Noonan out front, Dazzling Lucy and strapper Mitch and 50 exuberant owners

Our Social Syndicate owners look they might have found a good one after Dazzling Lucy delivered a spectacular first up Mornington win in front of around 80 excited Social Syndicate members on April 4.

After travelling 3 wide throughout from her outside draw, Dazzling Lucy, under regular stable pilot Jake Noonan, cruised up to the leaders on the turn and put them away in a few bounds, with Jake never at any stage having to put her under full pressure. The winning margin was 2.5 lengths but could have been a great deal more.

It was a win that certainly spoke of future wins at a higher level, further justifying the lofty opinion that Tony, Jake and the team have long held of the big chestnut.

And in spite of the fact that Lucy won the last race of the day, the Mornington Racing Club again didn't hold back on the post race hospitality, looking after our many owners magnificently to complete a great day.



                                Some Thirsty Dazzling Lucy Owners in the Mornington Winning Owners Bar

With owners allowed back at the track again and our latest group of Social Syndicate Horses starting to step out on race day, we are certainly seeing renewed enthusiasm from current owners and potential new ownership groups alike.

And nothing lifts enthusiasm like a winner - or even better as was the case at Mornington on January 29, two winners, with our highly promising Social Syndicate fillies La Pluie and Dazzling Lucy chalking up a memorable winning double in consecutive races. 

Even better we had  Mornington racecourse rocking with over 150 owners and guests on course to be part of the excitement.  

For many it was a day they will remember for a very long time with their first ever win at the racetrack. For some having a share in a  horse has been something they always wanted to do, for others something they had never considered until invited into a group by organisers at their local community or club. 

For one group of owners from our long time supporters at Beleura Village, it was back to back drinks at the terrific outdoor Winners Bar facility at Mornington, as they had a share in both fillies. 

And a big thank you to the Mornington Club for their outstanding efforts in accommodating such a large and rowdy group so impressively throughout the day!

With both our fillies still on the up we are looking forward to taking advantage of the last half of their 3yo season, by heading towards city company.