Social Syndicates

Social Syndicates offer everyone the opportunity to become involved in the excitement of racing a horse with friends. It makes racing a horse affordable to everybody.

We have prepared a brochure which details all there is to know about social syndicates and how you can get involved which you can view online here by clicking here.

While there are thoroughbred syndicators out there offering shares, there are hefty upfront costs for the purchase of the horse ranging from $4,000 to $25,000 per share with a maximum of 20 people in anyone horse. This keeps it out of reach for most people. Tony Noonan Racing has set out to change this.

We have all placed a bet on the Melbourne Cup and enjoyed participating in sweepstakes, Cup luncheons & watching fashions on the field. But what if your Club or Business could take your own horse to the races, putting you in the driver’s seat with no upfront costs and having your whole club or business involved?

With the help of many talented people including Racing Victoria we are pleased to make this possible.

Here at Tony Noonan Racing we pride ourselves on innovation and sharing great experiences with new people.

We are pleased to introduce you to Social Syndicates, a first for Australian Thoroughbred Racing.

The success of any stable is largely attributed to the support of our owners.

Owners are the ones that allow us to do what we do best and that’s train fast horses.

Once your organisation has decided to join the Tony Noonan Racing team we will begin the process of sourcing a thoroughbred from some of the best breeders in Australasia and select one that meets our strict guidelines in what we look for in a racehorse (Pedigree, Conformation, Physical Type, Action etc.)

Once the horse has been sourced we begin the process of educating it to be broken in (teaching the horse to accept its rider). After the horse has been broken in he or she will arrive at our Greendale training complex in Mornington to be educated and start their racing career.

Please let us know if you have a preference in either racing a filly or colt (Girl or Boy) and we will endeavour to meet your needs.

If you have decided to only take a percentage of a horse e.g. 25% we may have one already educated and currently in the stables that we will be able to place you in. In some cases the current horses in training may be fully subscribed. If this is the case

Tony Noonan Racing will endeavour to find likeminded people as quickly as possible to join you in order to fully subscribe another horse and get you going on the experience of a lifetime.

For more information about current Social Syndicates horses available, please email